March Shipping Post!

These are people who are involved in the regular plush and Chibi Kyun Chara sets! Many of you would have some DX plush shipping outstanding as well. All quotes here are FOR SHIPPING ONLY. If you have any unpaid items we have to settle that separately, sorry! Please check your order (I may have made mistakes here and there) and if everything is correct, payment can be sent to larvitarscar [at] gmail [dot] com, do leave your LJ user and specifically what items bought (avoid just trying things like 'CKK and reg plush' as that does not help me with the packing process. XD

Note that I'm hoping to get shipping within 72 hours so that I can ship them early this week, April is my exam period and for the next three weeks I will be mighty busy so I'm praying most of these can be sent this week! I'd set a deadline of 8 April but am hoping of course that payment would be sooner, otherwise shipping might be delayed a bit.

peech00 - 4 CKK figures - $20.47
silverhawk33 - 2 DX plush + 4 reg plush + 4 CKK figures  - $47.16
derranged - 4 CKK figures - $20.47
babycinnamon07 - 1 DX plush + 4 CKK figures - $28.31
dinomuffinbot - 1 CKK figure + 1 reg plush + 4 DX plush - $43.52
usagimakeup - 1 reg plush - $6.56
zetsukitty4302 - 1 reg plush - $6.56
charmystar - 1 reg plush - $6.56
airinkitty - 1 reg plush - $6.56
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The Full Report on 'I Love Marine' and Loadsa Movie/Eevee merchandise in July/August

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So I've had more than a few enquiries about whether I intend to do bulk buys after I round up "I Love Eevee" in April. The simple answer is that it depends on how many want them, and whether I collect the item in question or not. =D I'd imagine from now on very often I'd organise little 'personal GBs' whereby I get a full set of something such as the "I Love Marine" plush, keep the ones I want like Piplup and see if anybody wants the rest. I have had very specific interest about Chibi Kyun Chara Vol 2, so it is possible I might do a small group buy! I am also strangely eager to do 'I Love Gothic' cuz so many things I collect are from there (Gengar!!!!) so it's all play it by ear. But it all depends if there is demand, of course, I'd much prefer if I know you guys want them rather than officially open claims and stuff since I'd much rather be helping people than make it all business-y. =D Everything, system and prices and all, would be like how it was the first time round! Comment if you're on my F-list and you are interested on any of the stuff.

Mind you, I have major stuff going on in my life the second half of the year so I might just not do anything, just so y'all know. XD

'I Love Gothic'
Chibi Kyun Chara Vol. 2
Eevee/Sylveon DX plush (dat Eevee, awwwwww)

PremiAlive (packing!!)

Small 'personal GBs':
Korotto Manmaru plush (not a Genesect/Mewtwo fan, and I only think certain Eeveelus are cute from this round XD)
'I Love Marine'

Larvitarscar's I <3 Eevee Shipping Post (DX Jolteon and DX Flareon)

Instructions to ALL participants:
1.  This list was not checked thoroughly, so there might be errors. Please leave a comment letting me know if I placed your name in the wrong category or if I made any mistakes!
2. Legend:
name = payment + shipping unpaid
name = payment paid, shipping unpaid
name = everything paid for!
4. Payment is to larvitarscar [at] gmail [dot] com, with the subject title 'DX FLAREON Shipping [username]', 'DX JOLTEON Shipping [username]', or 'DX FLAREON & JOLTEON Shipping [username]' whichever is applicable. Please state EXACTLY what plush you got in the memo as well, along with any things you are adding from my sales.
5. For shipping payments, please specify very clearly any special instructions in the memo (e.g. address is different from what Paypal says, you are combining shipping with a friend etc) otherwise I will just send to the Paypal-specified address!
6. The packing method will be as follows: all orders will have the plush ziplocked, with toploaders on their tags. If you ordered 1 or 2 plush, your order will be in bubble envelopes. Only people with 4 plush will have to use boxes.
7. Combining shipping with a friend is actually as expensive as sending them separately, even if you factor in the doubled registered mail fees for 2 packages, since boxes are heavy. If you still want combining for whatever reason, let me know!

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Larvitarscar's I <3 Eevee DX Glaceon/Leafeon Plush Shipping Page

1. This sale has no affiliation to Pkmncollectors in any way.
2. There will only be combined shipping for items released within the same month. As the Chibi Kyun Chara only arrive end of February, if you have orders from that set (marked with ** on the list), you need not make payment until those come in and I can combine.
3. If I made a mistake on this page with regards to your order, let me know!
4. Payment would be to larvitarscar [at] gmail [dot] com, with the label 'DX GLACEON'/'DX LEAFEON'/'DX GLACEON & LEAFEON' (whichever applies)
Shipping [your username]'. (e.g. 'DX Glaceon & Leafeon Shipping Larvitarscar'). The deadline is 20th Mar!

2 Plush
28. mew_luvs_mewtwo

As the DX Flareon/Jolteon era closes, the Chibi Kyun Chara and DX Glaceon/Leafeon one begins...

So I've mailed more than half of the DX Flareon/Jolteon packages out, if your name is no longer on the page it means it has been mailed! If you want more details about postage such as your RA number, please drop me a PM and I'd pull it out for you. =D

Anyway, the collection drive for payments for Chibi Kyun Chara and DX Glaceon/Leafeon (clicking the pictures lead to their respective pages) will commence this week, with the deadline being 10 March! I'd honestly prefer if separate payments are made for each set even if you are involved in both, as combining makes things quite messy and complicated. Hope you understand! =) This is my first time handling both plush AND boxed figures and combining shipping for them, so I won't be able to give quotes on shipping yet obviously. I am also unsure if Glaceon + Leafeon can fit into a bubble envelope since they are reportedly bigger, so we shall see. ^^

am I a sucker for punishment

Korotto Manmaru (big head chibi form - the series I ADORE).

Am I crazy for wanting to get a box and minor bulk orders for these, after all the shade, drama and adventures from I LOVE EIEVUI?

DX Flareon & Jolteon Shipping!

I calculated the shipping costs for the DX Flareon and Jolteon plush, and did a little table! I will be sending the plush in large bubblewrap envelopes - that's a massive benefit of the DX plush being smaller than the HQ Eevee, not having to use boxes and thus cheaper shipping. =D Of course all orders of more than two plush would have to go by boxes!

Interestingly, combining shipping with a friend is actually as expensive as sending them separately, even if you factor in the doubled registered mail fees for 2 packages. If you still want combining for whatever reason, let me know! Also, for those who asked to add things from my sales, you'd be contacted shortly for your final total. =)

I won't kickstart the shipping phase until a short while later since there are still a few stragglers who have yet to pay, and also the envelopes I ordered aren't here yet. This is just a heads up for those on my friends list!

Larvitarscar's non-Pokemon sale page!

Feel free to check out my original LJ Feedback or my Pkmncollectors Feedback profile.

- I will not hold items for more than 24 hours unless expressly agreed upon. For my shop, a hold constitutes an intention to buy and failure to uphold will result in negative feedback, so do be specific with your
intentions from the very beginning!
- I will not respond to requests via PM or email.
- I reserve the right to refuse sale to anybody (i) for reasons that I find reasonable and (ii) without prior notice.
- Requests for quotes do not constitute a contract to sell and I will sell an item to the first buyer who expresses actual interest to purchase it.
- There is a minimum purchase of $1 required.

- I accept PayPal only, in USD.
- I will only send the items upon receiving payment.
- Prices do not include shipping costs. I will provide the total cost with shipping after calculation.
- Unless you request for insurance, I will arrange for normal shipping. I will not be held liable for items lost after I have posted them.
- Kindly include your LJ user name and list the items purchased when you are making payment via PayPal.

- I ship from Singapore worldwide.
- I will generally only go to the Post Office during the weekend.
- If your order exceeds $20, there is compulsory registered mail, which would be an additional $2 on top of shipping and handling. I generally heavily advise registering your mail for ALL orders, for both your safety and mine too! I will not be liable for anything lost in the mail if you do not ask for registered mail!
- I cannot be responsible for damaged packaging in transit. If you are concerned, request for a cardboard box, but be warned but this will add both to material costs and shipping fees considerably.


All official!

Hello Kitty items: $7 each

LittleTwinStars items: $4 each

Help! Chikorita on BW1 or BW2 trade needed...


Does anybody have a Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium to send me? I need one urgently for a friend. I would prefer one that I can immediately give away, but if you only have one, I'd breed an egg and be sure to return it to you as soon as possible! =D Anybody who is able to help me, please let me know! ^^ midnitesilven you are a life-saver, thank you so much again!!