larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote,

epic collection post

so i've been waiting for the bulk of my packages to arrive before doing a massive collection update.

and yes, the day has come. beware, multiple images ahead. the gang's all here.

let's start today's programme with this grail-esque item.

it's a GIBLE MEGABLOK. oh lord. fizzycat will love this!

and yes, i have tried to stay away from the eeveelutions, but the glaceon/leafeon megabloks look so awesome. did they produce the eevee/espeon/umbreon equivalents? i need them so badly to complete my set.

lo and behold, this is my current megablok collection in full!

I also had a rush of zukans to add to my collection.

piplup (or pochama, which is so much cooler a name) has always been one of my side collections.

I love me some shinx goodness.

this came with the set, so yeah. nice base and back! love the watery effect.

i never fancied the magmar line much, but the flamethrower effect is rather cool.

ghost balloons.

somebody special to me has likened me to a vileplume, and because of that i've taken quite a liking to the fat-petaled flower. i have a vileplume plush too!

gosh, i yearn for the day i get my spheal pokedoll. he is so friggin' awesome. i love round things.

i believe i'm somewhat of a swine sidecollector too. who can resist a spoink!

i am now officially a marill convert. it's going onto my main collection list. AQUA MICE/RABBITS.

my first step to marill lovedom: this HUGE plush. look how ROUND he is. it's like a giant ball!

how could i not have my namesake in plush form? weeks ago i introduced the world to larvy, the one on the right. joining the clan this week is the famous vibrating larvitar, yogi. LARVITARS RULE.

cute lil' teddiursa on the right, from a lot i got from evil_leprechaun.

this iconic pikachu plush (name's melveechu, inspired from my original 10-year-old pikachu, melvin, and a certain pkmncollector's cute name!) from the soon-to-bid-adieu pkmncollectors banner. looks mighty derpy but i like it nonetheless.

got the pikachu plush on the right too. mervyn joins the now mighty family of pikachus consisting of (from left) melveechu, melvin, and MJ.

a little late to jump on the pokemon pia bandwagon, but the earphones are still amazing nonetheless. (wouldn't use them in public though! totally kills a guy's street cred, heh.)

this cute swinub is from lovedbyahero. love his giant pink nose! sorta reminds me of cotton candy.

that's all, folks! it has been a truly great week receiving and opening all these packages, feels like christmas. ;)

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