larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote,

final eevee wave shipping news + dragon (and eel) sale!

Hello people! Sorry for the lack of updates regarding the final wave of I Love Eevee products, there's been a delay in the shipment so they're only coming in this week. I promise I'd be posting shipping quotes in the next few days! My goal is to finish sending EVERY PACKAGE by June 11 if possible, as I would be overseas after that for a few weeks and I want everything to be processed nicely before I fly. =D

Anyway, I have these extra Dragon (and 2 Electric) plush that I'm making available to those who are on my Regular Plush Wave 2 and/or DX Eevee/Vaporeon lists! They would be $30 each before shipping, and naturally can be combined with your Eeveelu order shipping. F-listers are welcome too! Let me know if any of you guys are interested! I'd put them up on the comm for sale otherwise. ^^

irethsune - eelektross

Have a good week ahead!

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