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larvitar scar

adventures of a rock skin with a horn and a red diamond

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Larvitarscar's I <3 Eevee DX Flareon/Jolteon Plush Claims Page

Sales Permission granted by denkimouse on 31 August 2010.
Feel free to check out my original LJ Feedback or the new Feedback profile.

1. This sale has no affiliation to Pkmncollectors in any way.
2. All items are expected to arrive mid or late part of the month stated for arrival, and this is true for all subsequent releases.
3. There will only be combined shipping for items released within the same month.
8. These will be shipped in boxes, with bubblewrap around the tags, and with registered mail. Please request for specific shipping methods (e.g. added protection for tags), otherwise this will be the default!

1. larvitarscar
2. no_pizzazz
3. caffwin
4. kyogres
5. derranged
6. tewzi
7. prawnographer
8. shiningmew
9. shadoweon
10. irethsune
11. korth
12 .chatsy
13. schenzi
14. elisha1288
15. silverhawk33
16. neeko48
17. howlelujah
18. usagimakeup
19. espie
20. firevie
21. toda
22. chaos_21
23. tortoises
24. jadekitty777
25. zombiecarousel
26. basketbears
27. lone_enigma
28. danielsard2
29. amandajo567
30. waruihikari
31. sugar0coated
32. kriscarmi
33. _nofuturenohope
34. at_the_porno
35. dinomuffinbot
36. myvampirelust19
37. orangecorgi
38. vaporeon99
39. shinji_wolf

40. kingwillko
41. misseveyg
42. jr890
43. meijiatron
44. xcuddleofdeathx
45. littlezorua
46. whitekyurem
47. kyra_midnight
48. dialny
49. pogaf
50. cyborgsushi
51. poke_zula
52. poke_zula

53. rypeltajaroll
54. andrew1374
55. quackamajackers
56. gothybeans
57. aleyina
58. little_ledyba
59. aarux
60. meowllz
61. tsuiling

62. silverpadfoot
63. rodry99
64. zora_star
65. blackheart_dove
66. aguazul08
67. joltzapvire
68. doryphish333
69. growly
70. soulhowlx
71. craftyscrafty
72. spacecorev8
73. rairai42
74. starscream8
75. zetsukitty4302
76. shinykamon
77. nasija
78. rattatarose
79. charmystar
80. shastina4ever
81. shastina4ever

82. ibburger
83. atlantia_rai
84. pocketofmonstrs
85. jeffyisaraichu
86. themessyness
87. legendaryluna
88. neko_dono250
89. babycinnamon07
90. lady_avii
91. airinkitty
92. krezajosh
93. mew_luvs_mewtwo
94. papaiyacoffee
95. sei15
96. enshogirl

1. larvitarscar
2. no_pizzazz
3. caffwin
4. kyogres
5. derranged
6. nagaineko
7. prawnographer
8. enshogirl
9. shiningmew
10. shiome
11. shadoweon
12. irethsune
13. wutastic
14. korth
15. chatsy
16. schenzi
17. elisha1288
18. silverhawk33
19. howlelujah
20. usagimakeup
21. espie
22. toda
23. chaos_21
24. tortoises
25. jadekitty777
26. darkangellilith
27. fluffyhoundour
28. basketbears
29. lone_enigma
30. amandajo567
31. waruihikari
32. sugar0coated
33. elementparadise
34. _nofuturenohope
35. at_the_porno
36. dinomuffinbot
37. mcflury10
38. myvampirelust19
39. spideyroxas* (unpaid deposit)
40. vaporeon99
41. shinji_wolf
42. kingwillko
43. misseveyg
44. arcanine5860
45. jr890
46. meijiatron
47. mawaru
48. xcuddleofdeathx
49. littlezorua
50. whitekyurem
51. kyra_midnight
52. dialny
53. pogaf
54. lady_avii
55. joltex
56. latias_latios_7
57. poke_zula
58. poke_zula

59. gabtizzle
60. rypeltajaroll
61. bolin
62. andrew1374
63. quackamajackers
64. aleyina
65. typhera

66. little_ledyba
67. tsuiling
68. rodry99
69. jeffyisaraichu
70. torrid_phoenix
71. xxlatiosxx
72. zora_star
73. mewten
74. doryphish333
75. soulhowlx
76. craftyscrafty
77. starscream8
78. tayran
79. zetsukitty4302
80. kitsunewho
81. wolf_of_shadow
82. epicaz
83. abailie
84. pocketofmonstrs
85. rattatarose
86. charmystar
87. raikourai
88. theevilpotato
89. shastina4ever
90. sakenichi
91. ibburger
92. euripus
93. airinkitty
94. themessyness
95. miniokami
96. krezajosh
97. mew_luvs_mewtwo
98. papaiyacoffee
99. sei15

* struck off means PAYMENT TWO sent!

NEWS UPDATE (FEB 3): Expect PMs to be sent around the 20th regarding the next phase for this order! Not sure if Chinese New Year here would affect the arrival date for these, but I've heard nothing about such yet so things should be on schedule. =D
NEWS UPDATE (FEB 9): I've been informed that the plush should be arriving by the 20th, so I'm now collecting remainder payment for the plush! Sending PMs daily this period as many as my daily LJ limit allows. =D

(Deleted comment)
I would not be collecting payment until I know the quantities for these for sure, so not to worry! =D

And it's my pleasure, you're one of my kindest buyers who really helped me out as I was test-driving this whole bulk order system, and having a F-list soft launch so that my friends have priority is my way of saying thank you. ^^

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Absolutely! I'd let you know more details about quantities and payment once I know more. =D

One Flareon and one Jolteon please. I was hoping you'd do pickups for these. (And if it's okay with you, I'll probably just pay in full whenever the deposit is due.)

Added! Thank you so much!

That will be fine, I'd update you guys once I know more details about the quantities!

It's actually quite reassuring to see familiar faces from the past few sets, I'd know I'm in safe hands with you guys. ^^

May I please claim a flareon and jolteon? Thanks Larvi!

You definitely can! I think I LJ-commented you regarding the Hydreigon Waza set, cuz I can't PM you due to reaching my message limit -_-", hope you saw it!

I want me a Jolteon! So cuuuute... and from one of the coolest dudes ever! <3 Thanks so much for offering to pick these up for us also. ;A;

My pleasure, you have always been great to transact with, and you were an angel with the Meowth box to me, it's the least I can do for you. ^^

Hello again! I hope you don't mind me butting in here, but could I also steal a slot for Flareon? ;;

There is no 'butting' since you're a mate. :D Sure thing!

Can I have 1 of each please? Did you decide to do the entire lineup after all? :)

Sure thing!

.....Very selectively, yes. =D If they have disgusting distributions like 10 Vaporeons and 26 New Eevees, maybe not. XD

Also, I just LJ-commented to you regarding the Hydreigon Waza set. Seeking feedback if collecting a deposit is OK for that set, since I didn't state this in the original post. It's due pretty soon though, since time really flew in the past few weeks and it's time to place the order.

Edited at 2012-08-21 09:24 pm (UTC)

Can I please be put down for a Jolteon? :)

Will do! And that's a mighty dumb/cute Zapdos you got there. XD

Can I get one of each please ? :D


A jolteon, please? :D ♥ ♥ ♥

(Also, I would like to apologize if I missed a notice post or a payment post! I was under the impression that some other payment would be due around this time for the eevee keychains, but I have been consistently offline for the better part of July/August - please let me know if I owe you!)

Absolutely! =D

You are utterly right, but because I maxed out my LJ messages just PMing people for Big Eevee alone, I have to wait a day before I can contact more people. XD

Can I claim a Jolteon and Flareon please?:3

ARGH. I can't pick just one.. ;; One of each, please!

I'm going to wind up with an entire set...

Sure thing!

I do not collect Vee plush at all and thanks to this campaign, I have one of everything. 0.o

One of each for me please, if it's not too late! ^^;

Amazed you decided to take on another round of Eeveelutions, you're so brave! o_o

I'm at the early stage where I can adjust how much I wanna order, so I'd make sure my friends get them (unless there's a catastrophic distribution pattern of course)!

Stronger and wiser now (or I'd like to think)! Have more safeguards in place to prevent the problems of yesteryear. (: